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Life is sailing. Art is a boat, an harbour.

The waves, maybe...

Italian, born in 1970, I discovered my attitude for art not long time ago...

After many years working in the media and communication field,

I'm actually looking for a more immediate way to express ideas and sensations and to give answer to my inner search for Beauty and Meanings...

My Language is made of LIGHT more than shapes, of COLORS more than words.

Words are limits, unable to describe

DEPTH and  the hidden reality.

Emotions are touchable and art is the right medium.

 An unstoppable search for a deeper level:  reality...BEHIND REALITY!

What you can touch is not exhaustive...

there's much MORE.


In 2017

- L'arte contemporanea che emerge (A Collective by Fondazione Mazzoleni, Bergamo_Italy);

- The first solo exhibition "ULTRAVIOLET" at Polvere di Bacco (Legnano, Milano_Italy);

- Naviglio di Milano Rassegna d'arte Collective Exhibition (Milano_ Italy) 

In 2018

- Finalist on NONAMECOLLECTIVE Magazine (February Issue 2018);

- Selected from "1340artgallery" online;

- Joined the GENOVA ART EXPO Collective Exhibition by SATURA Art Gallery (Genova_ Italy, April);

- Joined the "Orizzonti d'arte" Collective exhibition by Dueunodue Gallery (Bologna_Italy, May)

- Joined the SATURA ART INTERNATIONAL CONTEST (Genova_Italy, July)

- Solo exhibition "Storie di luce e di acqua" and "COLORS" at Villa Mazzucchelli(Brescia_Italy, September)

In 2019

 – Some of her “photopaintings” are disposable at Maiocchi15 Art Gallery in Milano and on by Sangiorgio Investimenti d’Arte

- In May she realized new painted panels to decorate the Novara Prison's garden

- In June she attended the 3rd BIENNALE D’ARTE IN GENOVA at Galata Museo del Mare with #VISTAMARE, paintings with plastic details dedicated to Sea waste & plastic pollution in Oceans. And some of her photopaintings were showed at “Banco del Pane” in Bologna, during the COOLTOURSTREET2019 exhibitions

-In October she joined the “Opere su carta da Picasso agli artisti contemporanei” exhibition organized by SANGIORGIO ARTE INVESTIMENTI at MUSEO Ribezzo in Brindisi (BR) with her Photopaintings “Ocra #CC7722” and “INDACO C16H10N2O2”, after being published on the summer issue print edition of “Lagioia dell'Arte”.

- In November she exposed “#VISTAMARE” collection, paintings with plastic details dedicated to Sea waste & plastic pollution in Oceans, during the SONDRIO FESTIVAL event in Sondrio

- In December her painting “The inattentive heart” has been selected among more than 700 artworks to be published on the “Gutenberg 2020 Calendar” Prize and it has been exposed with other 11 artworks at Palazzo Venezia in Neaples


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